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A Gift That Endures

A Gift That Endures

Two years ago, Joey’s parents gave him gave him a unique gift — one that would impact the rest of his life.

As a second grader, Joey was clearly behind his classmates in reading ability. His parents decided that they couldn’t stand by and watch their son fall further behind academically. On the day after Christmas in 2012, the family drove the 40 miles from Hutchinson to Eden Prairie to enroll their 8-year-old in a unique program to help him learn better.

For the next six months, they brought Joey to LearningRx in Eden Prairie every week. By the time 3rd grade started in the fall, Joey had fully caught up in reading ability. The skills and confidence he gained carried over to better performance in math, sports, and even music. Today in 4th grade, Joey is performing above expectations in every subject, and his parents credit LearningRx.

So why drive all that way when there were plenty of highly capable tutors close by in Hutchinson? Joey’s parents knew that he needed more than tutoring. Instead, they wanted a lasting solution that addressed the root cause of his struggles. This is what they found at LearningRx.

LearningRx is unlike any other learning center. Instead of teaching subject matter, LearningRx improves learning ability through intensive, one-on-one mental exercises — strengthening the weak cognitive skills that are holding a child back. The result is improved attention, memory, reasoning, visualization and other cognitive skills needed to read, learn and comprehend. For children with reading difficulties the results can be particularly dramatic, with students gaining as much as three years of reading ability in just six months.

If your child has fallen behind in reading ability, you can’t afford to wait any longer.

First of all, Minnesota offers a tax credit of up to $2,000 for treatment of a child’s reading disorder. This tax credit expires at the end of 2014 and is not expected to be renewed for 2015. Parents enrolling their children in a qualifying reading program before the end of the year have the opportunity to take advantage of this tax credit.

More importantly, research shows that only 25% of children who are behind in reading ability after third grade, will ever catch up academically. Instead the gap widens, as those who have achieved reading proficiency use this ability to surge ahead in all subjects; while those who struggle with reading will tend to avoid it, degrading their academic progress, their confidence, and their futures.

If your child is behind in reading ability or school performance, give them the gift this year of a brighter future. For the month of December, LearningRx is offering cognitive skills assessments for half-price. This one-hour test will give you answers as to why your child may struggle in school and the options that exist to help them overcome their learning and reading challenges once and for all.

If Joey’s parents could make the 50 minute drive from Hutchinson, how much easier is it for those living close to any one of our six convenient Twin City LearningRx locations?

As Joey’s mom will tell you, “We would recommend LearningRx to anyone. It is worth every penny!”