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Help for Learning Disabilities -- meet Colin!

Help for Learning Disabilities -- meet Colin!

Colin came to LearningRx due to the difficulties his learning disability was causing. His parents share:

"We are the classic story of having a child who has a learning disability that affected his success in the classroom. His learning disability made academics challenging and painful at times. He was slow to read as a youngster, and middle school proved very difficult with juggling 7 classes and 7 teachers vs having primarily one teacher in grade school. We sought all sorts of help, accommodations, and testing, but most just seemed like a band-aid and really depended on if Colin was lucky enough to have a teacher who took extra care in his learning struggles. Despite Colin being a good advocate for himself, we saw low test scores, weak writing skills, and low reading comprehension despite his best efforts still in his freshman year of high school. He tolerated school and worked hard but we were at a loss.

We were recommended to have him tested at LearningRx, and when we sat down with Rich to review his assessment. It was amazing to see how his cognitive strengths and weaknesses broke out, and it was exactly what we believed. They put together a program to work directly towards those weaknesses, and Colin was fully on board to commit to the program.

LearningRx has been an answer to many prayers. Cora, his trainer, held him accountable, pushed him, supported him, encouraged him, and celebrated with him. We immediately saw Colin's confidence in and out of school rise, and more notably, his reaction time increased significantly. He was always slow to respond or react. Colin expressed that often he felt his memorization skills were increasing, he became more organized and better at time management, writing assignments moved along at a better speed, and his testing scores increased. The tools Cora taught him on how to use his strengths and increase his weaknesses into strengths, are noticeable and tangible. We are so grateful for Cora. She has left a lasting impact on Colin. We truly believe the skills he learned at LearningRx will go far beyond his academic life in helping him succeed in life."

Colin's story is common for students we work with at LearningRx. If you have a child with a diagnosis like a learning disability, ADHD, dyslexia, ASD, etc. there is hope as LearningRx can identify and address the root cause of these struggles and unlock learning and confidence. Don't wait! Call today and mention this article to receive $100 off the initial assessment. Brain training is truly life changing!