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Not Just Testimonials – We Have the Research to Match!

Not Just Testimonials – We Have the Research to Match!

Most organizations can put forth a few glowing testimonials of individuals who have benefitted from their programs, but do they have the research that shows these testimonials are not anomalies? That these types of results are consistent?

Per Dr.. Amy Moore, Cognitive Psychologist and Lead Researcher at the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research, LearningRx has published more than a dozen peer-reviewed articles in the past five years. This research has looked at the outcomes from LearningRx training for students with ADHD, learning struggles, reading issues, adolescents and adults with brain injuries and older adults experiencing age-related cognitive decline.

What the research consistently concludes across all of these studies is:

  • Statistically significant improvements across all cognitive skills – long-term memory, working memory, processing speed, auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning and attention.
  • Changes in the brain which are visible on Functional MRIs (fMRI) – actual changes in brain function and connectivity.

However, the most exciting finding has been that these gains transfer to real life improvement. After all, data is great but actual change is why we do it! These studies show improvements in areas like confidence, discipline, self-esteem, academic performance, work performance, improved attitudes towards school – even driving!

Yes, we love our stories of success from these past 13 years in the Twin Cities. Stories of huge jumps in reading skills, math skills, improved attention and students we worked with years ago who are now in college or have started their careers. But isn’t it great knowing these are not one-offs? These life-changing results are consistent for LearningRx students and backed by peer-reviewed research in education, medical and psychology journals.

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