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Summer tutoring? Is that really your best option?

Summer tutoring? Is that really your best option?

Summer is a great time to ensure your child gains the skills they need to be ready for whatever school holds for them the next school year. Getting help now is critical given the difficulties distance learning presented to so many and the fact that kids tend to lose abilities over the summer. For example, it’s estimated most will lose 30% of their reading skills between now and the start of the school year.

So what is the best approach? The most common approach is tutoring to either keep information fresh in a child’s mind or re-teach information that was not obtained during the school year. Tutoring can help, but it doesn’t address the root cause as to why a child needs extra help in the first place.

Meet Brodie. Brodie is an 8th grader who will embarking on his high school career this fall. Brodie is bright but various cogntive weaknesses made learning difficult for him and therefore his real “smarts” didn’t show up in his academic performance. Brodie really struggled with overall comprehension and reading comprehension. These difficulties caused a lot of frustration as Brodie would try hard only to get poor results. His struggles also limited his ability to work independently as his parents needed to be with him to complete homework effectively – not something they wanted to continue in high school!

Rather than tutoring, Brodie’s parents enrolled him at LearningRx to address the root cause of his struggles. Regarding tutoring, Brodie’s mom shares, “Tutoing can help a child find the answers, but not how to do the work. It doesn’t change how the brain functions at all.”

So what was the end result of Brodie’s training at LearningRx?

  • Greater confidence
  • Brodie now has the ability to read the content, comprehend and complete his homework.
  • Everything now “clicks” and he is able to be independent
  • His grades much stronger
  • Some cognitive areas increased over 4 years

And, his parents have piece of mind that Brodie now has the skills and confidence to excel in high school.

Watch Brodie’s full story and take advantage of our $75 initial assessment offer.