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My Why!

My Why!

Hello – my name is Rich Frieder and I am the owner of the LearningRx centers in Eagan, Savage and Woodbury. I’m often asked why I decided to open the centers. What was my “why”?

For my wife, Adele, and me our main “why” was our youngest daughter. We have three daughters and our 2 oldest – now 29 and 27 – didn’t struggle academically, are out of college and living independently in careers of their choosing. However, our youngest daughter, Catie, was diagnosed with ADHD, receptive and expressive language delays and sensory integration disorder at a young age. Learning for her was very difficult and the traditional methods we were recommended to help her did not. She did not respond well to her ADHD medication and, over time, we realized her IEP was not addressing her struggles, just lowering expectations and making school easier.

We found LearningRx and opened our center in 2009. Catie went through the program immediately and the change was fantastic. LearningRx training was part of her coming off of medication, she developed a love for reading and school was much easier. She is now on the brink of starting her college career!

We love seeing the changes LearningRx has made in Catie’s abilities the trajectory of her life and it has been incredibly satisfying to have helped thousands of local families in the same way these past 12 years. LearningRx training is life changing!

Watch my story below: