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Congratulations to Ashley! Student Feature #4!

Congratulations to Ashley!  Student Feature #4!

Before LearningRx, Ashley really struggled with test taking, organizational skills, reading comprehension and attention. Ashley absolutely loved her LearningRx training and the team at LearningRx was so easy and fun to work with.

Per Ashley’s mom, “I’ve seen big changes in Ashley since she has completed the program and the new school year has started. She is absolutely locked in and on top of her work. In fact, one of Ashley’s good friends told her she has noticed a big difference in Ashley since the start of school!

Now that she has finished her 1st semester, even is spite of the struggles with distance learning, Ashley has earned straight A’s!!! She is so thrilled with her success and so confident.” Way to go, Ashley!!

LearningRx is not tutoring, it is brain training that gets to the root cause of learning struggles.