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Congratulations Luke, Student #6!

Congratulations Luke, Student #6!

I am extremely excited to share my story with you, and I hope others will benefit from this. Over the years during high school, my son Luke was diagnosed with ADD and had an IEP. He hated school, and never did the homework or studied. Testing showed that he was very smart, even scoring superior in several categories. High school was a constant struggle. Homework was never done, and if it was, it was often not turned in. The ADD meds and IEP didn’t help him much, but he did graduate high school and went on to college. Last year, he started college, and simply found he wasn’t ready. He withdrew and came home. We (his parents) as well as Luke were heartbroken. We said he could try something else. But he insisted that all he wanted to do was graduate from college.

We found out about LearningRx and decided to sign Luke up for the program. I am sitting here now with tears in my eyes as I write this as his training was life changing.

During the first two weeks of LearningRx, we noticed a big change. Some things were completely unexpected! Luke was starting to smile more, and he was chatting with me more than ever. His grandma, aunts and cousins all commented to me that it seemed like something was changing. He was more gregarious than ever! His confidence soared, and you could visibly see it every day.

We got the test results at the end of the program and they were great, but that’s not what really mattered to me. What mattered to me was success at college. He started up at college again just a few weeks ago and I have seen a transformation in him that I have never seen before, and I cannot thank LearningRx enough for what they did for my son. I will be forever grateful to all the wonderful and caring people at LearningRx.