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LearningRx Stories

LearningRx Stories

Nathan’s Story

Dear Calvin,

Wow! Is this LearningRx stuff weird or what? I mean, wonderfully weird? The strange and unique things they would have you do even made me doubtful that you could complete this, mostly because of how hard your school work came for you.

Calvin, you did not only complete it, but you worked very hard at it and you were very diligent in reminding us that you had to do it even when we would forget. You seemed to enjoy it and be energized by completing another level. I remember Brock telling us a couple of the rules were “No Complaining”, and no “I Can’t Do This” comments. I never heard you complain or say, “I can’t do this” once. You must be very afraid of Brock and Tracy. (HA HA)

As great as this has been, it hurts me when I think back to the yelling and fighting about homework not done/late or a bad grade and most of all the incredible frustration, low self-esteem and lack of confidence you’ve endured. I would like to personally apologize to you for the added pressure and pain I caused you. I look forward to putting those times behind us.

You know, I don’t believe we are seeing a new and improved you, I think we’re seeing the real you. You seem so calm, easy going, and fun. Your whole demeanor/disposition is just nice to be around. I think we have a pretty good father-son relationship, but I also want you to know I enjoy being around you and spending time with you, you know, like friends do.

I would like to tell you that I’m very proud of you and I love you. I think it’s great now when I see or hear you studying for a test or with the attitude of “I can do this and I can get good grades”. You’re even excited to tell us what your grades are on a test.

I will end with saying a big thank you Calvin for all your hard work, to my mom who made this all possible and whose generosity is unmatched. Last but not least, thank you Tracy for being so accommodating and being such an awesome trainer. Thank you LearningRx for helping Calvin’s brain function in the way God intended it to. Only God can do miracles, but you have come in a close second.



Calvin, 16yr old, Rosemount, MN

Dear LearningRx,

I have to admit that I was a skeptic when my wife and I first met with your staff late last year. After seeing Maddy, our daughter, struggling for years with homework, reading books, ability to focus and even her self-esteem, I had kind of come to the conclusion that Maddy had organic issues that she would just have to figure out how to live with. I think we were all resigned to this “fact”.

Thankfully, Maddy took on this program with a great attitude and her best efforts and my wife, Cari, was extremely conscientious about doing the required work at home. About a little more than halfway through the program, we began to notice some differences: Maddy was able to focus better and she seemed to understanding things a bit better at school, too. Homework was no longer taking 6 hours/day, either. Seeing these changes in herself, Maddy looked forward to her lessons at LearningRx with Kristen, who was extremely encouraging and helpful to Maddy.

Maddy is more self-assured than I’ve ever seen her before, her life is more balanced now since she spends less time on homework and she is even reading books for fun now!!! That’s a first. We owe the LearningRx program and Kristen a huge debt of gratitude for this transformation. I feel that Maddy is now much better prepared to have more options with her life after high school than she did before this program. Many thanks!


Jeff (father of Maddy- sophomore in high school)

Dear LearningRx,

Thank you so much for the opportunity for our daughter to complete the LearningRx training. She has made incredible strides in her cognitive thinking and analytical skills, test taking skills, memory, her self-confidence and self-esteem.

Before completing her training at LearningRx, our daughter struggled with math, keeping her focus, concentrating, test taking and lack of self-confidence. Through her LearningRx experience she has been able to over-come these issues and is thriving in school and sports. There was a time when she would fail all of her final tests because of her anxiety and lack of confidence in her abilities. After recently completing her last round of final tests, she is able to say she passed them all with flying colors an even earned an A- on her math final!

Making the commitment to train with LearningRx was the right decision for our family. Our daughter’s trainer was a perfect fit for her personality and learning style and did an excellent job in helping her achieve her goals. We cannot say enough about and highly recommend LearningRx to families with children that are struggling in school or other areas. We are confident that the results will be worth the time and effort.

Thank you again for all you have helped our daughter accomplish. We are confident that she will be able to apply her new skills to all aspects of her life.


Dennis and Nancy