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Our Team

  • Alex
    Alex Brain Trainer

    I love watching students grow when they are challenged. When they gain the self-confidence to overcome obstacles is worth all the effort it took to get there. At LearningRx, I am constantly amazed with the collaborative approach our team of trainers take to ensure student, and trainer, success and growth.

    When not at LearningRx, I love playing volleyball, exploring the Minneapolis metro area (my new home since I recently relocated here from Nebraska), and bettering myself both physically and mentally.

  • Brittany
    Brittany Brain Trainer

  • Christine
    Christine Brain Trainer

  • Holly
    Holly Brain Trainer

    It is so exciting for me to be able to build relationships with my students over time. I also love getting to see them grow cognitively and even in character, like when they beat themselves up less or start to become self-motivated. I'm so lucky to have a front row seat!

    Interesting fact about me: I also work at a ranch (Haven Acres) where we mentor kids and teens going through a hard time and pair them with rescued or adopted horses free of charge.

  • Josh
    Josh Brain Trainer

    I love helping people become the best version of themselves! As a trainer, I am privileged to be part of a student's life. Together we experience growth and change as we pursue excellence!

  • Julie
    Julie Brain Trainer

    I've been at LearningRx for over 8 years. My son went through the program when he was 16, and that's what brought me here. I was so impressed with his improvements and intrigued by the whole concept that I became a brain trainer. A little over two years ago, I became the Director of Training, where I get to oversee a GREAT group of trainers, meet with parents, and continue to train with students!! I taught in the school system for 12 years (secondary and post secondary) but this is so different. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of training students, the opportunity to witness so much growth, and the pleasure of getting to know over 65 students that I have had the good fortune to train!

  • Kari
    Kari Brain Trainer

    The Eagan LearningRX is a wonderful place to be. It’s warm, inclusive, encouraging, and emanates perseverance. The colorful walls provide the perfect backdrop to the growth that happens here. I truly enjoy being able to provide a service that promotes the love of learning, but I’m absolutely honored to help instill confidence in these students and to teach them to believe in their own infinite capabilities.

  • Mahala
    Mahala Brain Trainer

    I found a love of instructing through martial arts, and I'm so glad I get to continue here. Helping and watching students learn, grow, and become more confident has always brought me immense joy and pride.

  • Marty
    Marty Brain Trainer

    Helping students has always been a passion of mine. Brain training is such a unique way to accomplish this, and it is helpful for any student. One-on-one training helps to get to know the student well: personality, quirks, strengths, fears, and dreams. I love every aspect of this work and I am excited for continuing for some time.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Brain Trainer

    Rachel I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, but I was born in El Salvador located in Central America. My favorite part of being a trainer at LearningRx is the relationship you develop with the student because of the one on one aspect. I think this allows for a more intense and fun session which results in an overall enjoyable environment.

  • Vicki
    Vicki Brain Trainer

    I enjoy working one-on-one with students and being able to help them with their specific areas of difficulty. It is so rewarding to see them gain confidence and sharpness, things that will effect their entire life.

  • Terri
    Terri Director of First Impressions

    I like working at LearningRx because you meet so many wonderful families! It’s a fun, positive place to be!

  • Rich Frieder
    Rich Frieder Owner & Director

    Glad you found our website. I’m Rich Frieder, the Owner and Director of the LearningRx Eagan Brain Training Center in Eagan, Minnesota. I’m proud to share LearningRx brain training with everyone here in the Eagan area. We would love to get together with you to address any questions you may have. Please give us a call.