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Hello! My name is Rich Frieder and I am the owner of the Eagan LearningRx center. The Eagan location was opened in 2010 and we have numerous awards including Community Impact Awards and awards for Outstanding Customer Service.

There were two main drivers that motivated my wife, Adele, and I to open the LearningRx centers – my youngest daughter’s struggles with learning and the desire to help others in the community who were struggling and not reaching their full potential. We’re excited to have now helped thousands of families across the Twin Cities in the 10+ years since we made that decision!

My daughter’s struggles were common. She was diagnosed as ADHD at a young age along with receptive and expressive language delays and sensory issues. She really struggled to stay on task, read and comprehend, and work through difficult tasks. Our training helped our daughter get off her ADHD medication and she now loves to read!

Since that time we have helped thousands overcome difficulties including ADHD (attention issues), reading fluency and comprehension struggles, motivation issues, math difficulties as well as adults who struggle with learning or traumatic brain injury victims.

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