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ReadRx® Programs in Costa Mesa Irvine

Improve Your Reading Skills at Our Brain Training Center

ReadRx is a revolutionary LearningRx reading program. This ‘sound-to-code’ accelerated brain training method is modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned. According to our studies, clients enrolled in this program who read below grade level are averaging over 3.6 years improvement in reading skills – in less than 6 months. ReadRx teaches spelling and reading concurrently through techniques that train clients to accurately recognize and understand that letter combinations represent specific sounds of speech.

If someone you love is just learning how to read, this program can provide an incredible foundation to improve reading skills quickly and in an enjoyable way. ReadRx is great for individuals of all ages who face reading challenges, especially student readers who may have developed inaccurate or inefficient reading habits. This program’s versatility is shown in that it can provide a first grader with a reading system that’s reliable for life. ReadRx can completely restructure the faulty system of a lifelong struggling reader.

How It Works

We designed the ReadRx accelerated reading program to integrate with and build upon the LearningRx cognitive enhancement program, ThinkRx. Studies show that approximately 85% of clients who test low on reading proficiency also have weak underlying cognitive skills – auditory processing skills in particular. We pair ReadRx with ThinkRx because these types of training go hand in hand. Clients immediately begin to strengthen their auditory processing skills, which are the most critical skills for reading effectively.

Time spent constructing a strong cognitive skill foundation through ThinkRx training can ensure that clients will have the tools they need to learn efficiently and use the reading and spelling code presented in ReadRx.

Developing the Underlying Skills You Need for Reading

What sets ReadRx apart? Its one-on-one training techniques and unique, strategic program design help it stand tall as an effective accelerated reading program. It’s a program that understands that some clients do not have sufficient cognitive skills to learn the reading code quickly and efficiently.

Even if the code is taught completely and sequentially, a client with severe auditory processing deficiency, or one who has poor memory skills, works too slowly, is not concentrating adequately, or cannot create good mental images, will exhibit poor retention or complete lessons very slowly. However, when these skills are in place, clients learn rapidly. This program is uniquely designed to resolve these problems.

ReadRx works in conjunction with ThinkRx® to enhance:

  • Visualization: the ability to create and use mental images
  • Attention: the ability to stay on the given task in spite of distraction
  • Processing speed and working memory: the ability to retain incoming information and process it properly and quickly
  • Auditory analysis: the ability to manipulate or analyze small changes in groups of sounds
  • Sound blending: the ability to put sounds together to form words
  • Sound segmenting: the ability to separate or “un-glue” sounds
  • Memory: the ability to remember the sound-symbol relationship

ReadRx Is Properly Sequenced

To comprehend our alphabet code’s complex logic, a client must master each level of complexity in carefully sequenced steps.

Starting with the Basics

In order to facilitate this, ReadRx starts with blending, segmenting, and sound analysis. We teach these necessary reading skills by using nonsense words so clients do not rely on their memory of known words. We provide plenty of practice in segmenting words into isolated phonemes and blending isolated sounds into words. Our Costa Mesa Irvine brain trainers then use decoding (reading), encoding (spelling), and writing exercises to make the reversibility of the code more clear.

Some clients struggle to differentiate between and correctly pronounce all the sounds of the standard English language. We provide these clients with more direct instruction at a sensory level about how the parts of the mouth (vocal cords, lips, tongue, teeth, jaw) interact with each other to form individual sounds.

Progressing from the Simple to the Complex

ReadRx is both specifically (in each individual lesson category) and generally sequenced (in the overall layout) to ensure maximum results. We start by teaching the twelve consonant sounds with only one main spelling – or one spelling by position in a word (‘d’ = /d/ as in ‘dog’ or ‘fed’). Next, we teach the twelve remaining consonants and their most likely spelling (/ch/ = ‘ch’ as in ‘chip’ or ‘much’).

Our brain trainers teach the 18 vowel sounds from simple to complex as well. First, we teach sounds spelled with the five vowel letters /a/ /e/ /i/ /u/ /o/. Next, we teach the “e-controlled” sounds /a-e/ /ee/ /i-e/ /o-e/ /u-e/. Then, we teach the ‘o’ vowels sounds: /oo/ /oo/ /ou/ /oi/. Lastly, clients learn the “vowel + r” sounds (/er/ /or/ /ar/ /air/).

Building from the Most Probable to the Least Probable

After our clients learn the most probable spelling for each sound, LearningRx - Costa Mesa Irvine introduces the less probable, alternative spellings. For example, the /n/ sound can be represented by a ‘gn’ (‘gnat’), a ‘kn’ (‘knot’), or an ‘n’ (‘note’). We teach these alternative spellings from most likely to least likely. By incorporating repetitive use and drills into the ReadRx program, clients begin to store the letter patterns and probability of their appearance in their long-term memory. This allows them to choose the most likely spelling for a word, instead of randomly guessing.

Alternatives & Overlaps – All without the Need to Memorize Rules

ReadRx teaches additional language complexities such as overlaps of the code (in which a letter or letter combination represents more than one sound). For example, the letter ‘u’ can be involved in several different sounds like ruin, cute, full, and cut. These overlaps often cause problems when reading. That’s why we utilize various exercises to quickly teach clients how letters can overlap to produce a variety of sounds as new vowel spellings are introduced. This method of handling alternative spellings and code overlap without the need for rule memorization reduces “exceptions” and “sight words” that many other reading systems require by about 75%.

Using a Unique Methodology

ReadRx embeds the standard English reading code to an automatic, subconscious level through carefully designed exercises that are presented in a one-on-one training format. This is unlike most programs that are designed to passively teach lessons – a method that makes it easy for the student to forget after a short period of time. This distinction is especially beneficial for older readers who have developed several bad reading habits and could easily fall back into old reading patterns that are ineffective.

ReadRx uses the following training methods to produce fast, reliable results:

  • Immediate feedback: one-on-one training allows for immediate error correction and encouragement of correct responses
  • Concentration: the training drills require full attention which brings faster results due to less time spent off task
  • Stretching: constantly pushing activities to more demanding levels that stretch or challenge the student’s skills to improve
  • Loading: adding a task upon a task concurrently thus forcing automation and mastery of skills to a subconscious level

ReadRx’s use of these techniques as well as the process of making the reading and spelling lesson sequence agree with the logic of our alphabetic system results in the rapid mastery and automation of reading and spelling skills.

Our clients receive ReadRx training through one-on-one brain training sessions in Costa Mesa Irvine that span approximately 24 weeks. Beginning readers quickly establish good fundamental reading and auditory skills. Upon beginning the program, struggling clients see significant improvements quickly. ReadRx can make it easier to naturally overcome past frustrations and failures. For these clients, this type of brain training truly offers a second chance at efficient, fun reading.

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