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Recent Posts in July, 2020

  • Raising Independent Kids

    Raising Independent Kids
    Household Chores By Age that May Help Build Independence From "7 Tips for Raising Independent Children by Renee Rodriguez
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  • Trainer of the Month Drake Cappi

    Trainer of the Month Drake Cappi
    Congratulations Drake! Drake brings his expertise to LearningRx as a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. Armed with a psychology degree, experience as a teaching assistant, and passion ...
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  • Graduate Success Story Falon Shae

    Graduate Success Story Falon Shae
    Congratulations Falon!! We Are So Proud of You I brought my daughter to the LearningRx last year because she was in 3rd grade with a 1st grade reading level. I had a feeling that she was dyslexic. I ...
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