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Cost of Brain Training vs. Tutoring

Many parents wonder how the cost of a one-on-one brain training programs differs from group tutoring or other educational programs. A LearningRx brain training program costs, on average, $7,000. Pricing varies based on the needs of the student; the length of the brain training program the student is enrolled in; the amount of parental involvement; and the region of the country in which the center is located (costs of doing business varies).

LearningRx Invites You to Compare Costs. Then Call Us With Questions.

The grid below compares LearningRx program costs, features to the cost and features of other programs you might be considering. The differences in programs can be vast and often times, confusing! If you have questions regarding costs or other topics related to brain training, please contact your local LearningRx center so they help you make the best and most informed decision, whether you decide to enroll with LearningRx or not.

LearningRx® Brain Balance®

Area of Specialty

One-on-one brain training for cognitive skills like attention, working memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning and processing speed. Help for reading, math, comprehension, preschoolers, and study skills

Sensory motor, eye tracking, balance, rhythm and nutrition planning

People We’ve Worked With

Children and Adults with Reading/Dyslexia/Auditory Processing Disorders, ADHD, Struggling Students, Learning Disabilities, Preschoolers, Speech and Language Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Enhancement, Traumatic Brain Injury, Professionals, Senior Adults/Mild Cognitive Impairment

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, APD, PDD, ODD, Dyslexia,

Student to Trainer Ratio

One to One

Group One trainer to two students



*parental involvement optional, lowers price

Plus $125-$500 per week for nutritional supplements

*parental involvement required for daily home activities

Ages of people trained

4 to 94

4 to 17

Time commitment per week

3-6 Hours

10 Hours (3 hours in-center, daily activities at home)

Length of program

12-40 Weeks

12-24 Weeks

Amount of time to get results

12-40 Weeks

Not reported

Program Outcomes

No outcomes reported (testimonials only)

Training with a Brain Trainer at LearningRx is a Lot Like Training with a Personal Trainer at a Gym

One-on-one brain training is often compared to personal fitness training. Every client who works with a personal trainer receives a work-out plan uniquely customized to meet his or her specific goals. The plan includes a recommended timeframe in which that goal should be accomplished. For example, the client who wants to gain muscle mass with the help of a personal trainer might be assigned a rigorous core muscle training program, conducted twice a week for 15 weeks. On the other hand, the client who wants to lose 100 pounds with the help of a personal trainer might be assigned an intense cardio/aerobic exercise program, conducted four days a week for 25 weeks. Two different clients; two different goals; helped by two unique work-out programs.

The brain training program assigned to one LearningRx student will not be the same program assigned to another student, since no two people share an identical match-up of cognitive skills and weaknesses or personal goals.

By completing a one-hour Cognitive Skills Assessment with LearningRx (average discounted price is $199), LearningRx director will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the student’s cognitive challenges and design a custom brain training program uniquely suited to strengthen his or her weak skills. Working one-on-one with a personal brain trainer, our students will improve their cognitive skills using our over 200 proprietary procedures. These game-like activities work on all 7 underlying cognitive skills that make up our ability to learn, remember, pay attention, and perform.

LearningRx One-on-one Brain Training is Unlike Group Training Programs

The fees for a one-on-one brain training program are similar to the costs you might incur for a year’s worth of tutoring, but what a brain training student experiences is VERY DIFFERENT than tutoring and other group training programs. For example, LearningRx guarantees your child will have his/her own personal brain trainer throughout the entire program. No group training; no splitting time among a group of students; no sitting idle if a student in the group requires special, undivided attention. LearningRx trainers work with ONE student at a time.

Following years of experience and research, the LearningRx training is also compressed into a shorter time frame than most programs. Tutoring, professional therapies, and other learning programs can often progress over multiple years. LearningRx brain training lasts eight months or less, while delivering significant, measurable results.

35 years of research, four iterations of programs, and studies on the results of more than 100,000 clients have gone into the making of LearningRx programs. Contact us today at (866) 742-3888 to schedule your Brain Skills Assessment.

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