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Success Stories From 2021 — LearningRx in Action

Success Stories From 2021 — LearningRx in Action

As we reach the end of 2021, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate all that has happened here at LearningRx throughout the year. Our clients accomplish astounding things each year, and every one of them is worth celebrating.

The following are just a few examples of the effect that LearningRx’s programs can have on the lives of our students and their families.

Learning With Autism: One Student’s Story

One of our students, a young girl with autism, had been completely dismissed by the system, and was even treated as if her autism was a disease. As a result, she couldn’t read, couldn’t sit still, and was struggling in school.

We matched her with an excellent LearningRx trainer who cares deeply about her progress and her quality of life. The trainer customized our classic program for her, adjusting where needed to ensure her success.

After only a month of working with us, this student received 100% on her first spelling test of the school year! In addition, her therapist told us that for the first time she is able to sit still long enough to make progress in therapy.

We’d call that a huge win.

At LearningRx, We Hear Success Stories Almost Weekly

Stories like this aren’t uncommon at LearningRx. In fact, we hear exciting stories of progress and breakthrough nearly every week. Here are a few more recent success stories from our clients and their families:

  • A child has become so excited about reading that they beg to go to the bookstore. Needless to say, their parents can’t get out the door fast enough!
  • A client, who has a prestigious degree, had experienced multiple concussions. These injuries left him struggling to keep up with his peers. With help from LearningRx, he is now better able to recall information and feels like he’s catching up.
  • A client was struggling to learn how to read, and was managing by memorizing words and trying to put context clues around them. In working with LearningRx, he learned that an “e” at the end of a word makes a long vowel sound — something those of us without learning struggles might take for granted. Imagine how life-changing it was for him to finally have that puzzle piece in place and to be one step closer to reading!
  • A student went from never participating or raising her hand in class to winning the classroom award and memorizing a speech she gave in front of the whole school!
  • A student’s parents called us recently to tell us their son was able to read his Halloween candy wrappers for the first time this year.

The type and level of improvement in each of these stories may vary widely, but each one is a success story.

But even better than these tangible successes is the confidence our clients build when they work with us. The number one thing we hear from parents isn’t about grades on tests or improved skills — it’s that they recognize their child again.

What Makes the LearningRx Program So Effective?

At LearningRx, what we do may seem like magic, but it isn’t. Kids come to us having been dismissed, forgotten, and treated like a problem by the system. In many cases we’re the last line of hope for families. What’s different about LearningRx is that we don’t see these kids as problems — we see them as people. And that makes all the difference.

We create a safe place where trying and working hard is, in itself, success. Our students learn that just because something is difficult, it doesn’t mean they’re not good at it — it simply means they haven’t practiced it yet. They learn how to try, and that builds confidence.

When a client begins working with us, we look for what we call “honey spots”. We find where they are getting stuck, what things are limiting their learning. And we teach them that finding those spots isn’t a bad thing — it’s exciting! Once they learn that it’s safe to try, they are able to accomplish much more than they previously thought they could.

So often, if the way a student learns doesn't fit into the larger system and they struggle to thrive, they get dismissed and pushed aside. Every person is unique, and every person learns differently. Our program helps channel each client’s learning style to strengthen their cognitive skills. Ultimately, it’s not about intelligence or capability — it’s about cognitive skills. And it’s never too late to strengthen them.

If you think your child would benefit from cognitive skills training, contact us to learn more about our program. We look forward to sharing their success story one day!