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Our Team

  • Imani Learned
    Imani Learned Director

    I have the honor of being able to work with amazing families who are committed to seeing their loved ones succeed as effortlessly as possible. The transformations we see in our LearningRx clients is life changing for them and watching that take place is a complete joy. I also love being able to see our amazing trainers coach their clients toward achieving their goals.

  • Tracey Inrvin
    Tracey Inrvin Brain Trainer

    Tracey loves coaching and mentoring people who want help, want to improve their life, want freedom and are over-comers. LearningRx is a perfect platform for Tracey as she, herself, struggled with learning disabilities and understands what that feels like. She is driven to help others reach their potential, be set free from whatever is holding them back and watch them develop into who they were created to be. That inspires her!

  • Caitlin M
    Caitlin M Brain Trainer

    I was a Spanish and ESL teacher for five years and have been working at Learning Rx for almost 2 years. I’m originally from Arkansas but I love Colorado and feel at home here. I love working one on one with clients because it allows me to really get to know them and their family. The best part of my job is to see the moment when everything clicks and the client realizes their own growth and success.