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About LearningRx - Colorado Springs

Our Team & Experience in Brain Training

Dr. Ken Gibson, the founder of LearningRx®, opened the doors of LearningRx - Colorado Springs in 2002. Dr. Gibson has since retired and today, the Center is owned and operated by his daughter Kim Hanson who also serves as CEO.

More information about LearningRx - Colorado Springs:

Our History as a Brain Training Center

LearningRx - Colorado Springs has had the honor of serving close to 4,000 local families, including more than 40 soldiers who struggled with the aftermath of traumatic brain injury. We are the flagship Center for more than 60 LearningRx Centers in North America, many of which are owned and operated by former business professionals, educators, clinicians, and parents of LearningRx graduates. LearningRx Brain Training programs are also delivered in 48 countries around the globe under the company name, BrainRx®.

As the flagship brain training Center, LearningRx - Colorado Springs serves as the model for all new LearningRx Centers. We participate in local research studies and pilot new testing and training programs for the entire system. Our Center connects with the community through Dr. Gibson’s work with the BBB; research and mentoring partnerships with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs; donated time with Compassion International; service partnerships with therapeutic clinics and medical offices; and through the fundraising and Gibson Test Grant opportunities we provide to many area schools.

Our Goals for the Future

Worldwide, LearningRx has trained the brain of more than 100,000 individuals. Our goal is to train the brain of 300,000 people by 2030. LearningRx - Colorado Springs aspires to be the first call someone makes when they or someone they love is struggling to overcome challenges related to attention, reading, remembering, brain injury, or other learning difference.

Contact our team for additional information - (719) 309-4030.

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Brain training uses workout sessions to target weaker skills and improve your overall cognitive performance.

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