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Equipped For Excellence: The Maughon Boys Story

Equipped For Excellence: The Maughon Boys Story

As the homeschool teacher for her three boys, Katy Maughon had the unique opportunity to see firsthand where her children were struggling in their education.

“I have a huge advantage as their teacher and mom to see that there was a problem in different areas for each of them,” she said. “You just know your kid, and you know they can perform better.”

Jett, 9, was struggling with reading and processing sounds and knowing what he was supposed to say.

“He wanted to read age-appropriate books, but wasn’t at the skill level to do so,” said Katy. “We do a lot of read alouds as a family, and he loves to listen, which means he doesn’t hate reading. He loves the books. It’s the difficulty of reading he didn’t like.”

For 11-year-old Boone, there were more learning struggles along the way. With his sensory processing disorder, he was working exceptionally hard to keep up with what comes easy for others.

“It was about understanding the fact that he has to walk 10 miles in his brain for what other children only have to walk a mile to accomplish the same result,” Katy explained. “He was overcompensating in other areas to perform academically and athletically like he was performing. He’s always done ok, but as his mom and teacher, I can see how exhausting school is for him.”

The eldest of the three boys, 13-year-old Colt, had the least amount of learning issues. His struggle was mainly focus and disorganization.

“There’s been days we’d spend 2 hours looking for his math book, and I’m going, the house is not that big,” said Katy with a laugh.

After testing all three boys at LearningRx, Katy was able to see on paper what she had known in her heart about about each them and their struggles. It was clear to her that even if they all were performing well in school, there were areas they each could improve — and LearningRx was the way to get there.

“From a financial standpoint, they’re 13, 11 and 9, and they have a lot of schooling ahead of them,” she said. “If I can do something to make school easier for them, that’s one of the best gifts I can give them because they’re going to be learning for the rest of their lives. We consider this an investment in their future.”

Now after several months of all three boys attending LearningRx, the changes for each of them have been significant.

Jett is a more confident reader. Boone has seen improvements in his reading and his focus. And as for Colt? Since being at LearningRx, he hasn’t had to search for a single lost textbook. With all of these improvements, Katy was able to enroll them in Veritas Classical School, a rigorous homeschool program where they go to class one day a week.

“I think if you had asked me six months ago whether something like that would have been an option for all three of them, I would have said no,” Katy said.

The transformation has been clear in school, in their athletics and in their lives in general —and Katy said knowing she’s helping to prepare her boys for their God-given purpose has made it all worth it.

“Yes, there are sacrifices involved with this program, such as the financial commitment and the time it takes to come three times a week. But if it makes learning easier for them and prepares them for their calling in life, then it is worth every sacrifice we have made,” she said. “I am a strong believer in the fact that if a child has a love of reading and learning, the possibilities for their future are endless. They can learn anything and do anything.”