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Building Confidence Inside And Outside Of The Classroom

Building Confidence Inside And Outside Of The Classroom

Between losing his mother to cancer four days before he turned 9 years old and his ADD going untreated amidst the chaos, school became a major struggle for Jack Wright.

“I couldn’t concentrate, so I wouldn’t do so good,” shared Jack. “I was struggling a lot with math. The teacher would be explaining something, and I wouldn’t listen, so anytime we would do a test I would be kinda lost.”

Jack’s dad, Lee Wright, remembers getting tests back and noticing that they were covered in drawings.

“He just didn’t finish his tests because he would spend so much time drawing pictures,” said Lee. “It was stuff we knew he knew how to do, but he’d get distracted.”

A whirlwind romance between Lee and Jack’s now adoptive mother, Dawn Hendrix, brought the idea of LearningRx into their lives.

“I was a LearningRx trainer for four years. I knew the kind of improvements LearningRx could have because I’ve seen it happen,” shared Dawn. “I’ve worked with kids with way more severe ADD that couldn’t do basic math, and I knew that Jack could. I’d seen students with far greater deficits than his, and I’d see them go from not being able to function in a school setting to thriving.”

It was no question to Dawn that LearningRx was the answer they were looking for to help Jack get on a path to success. So this spring they began a 20-week directed math program with a combination of Dawn working with Jack five hours a week and a current trainer, Carla, working with him for an additional hour.

“I was one of the ones most behind. Most of the kids were in a harder division level, and I was behind and still on multiplying. I would be really scared and anxious, and I didn’t like it at all. I was scared that I would fail, and I wouldn’t get it before the end of the year,” Jack said. “But then I started LearningRx, and in a few weeks I started doing better. The teacher was saying I was doing better. I even completed the extra math before the other students.”

By the end of 5th grade and his LearningRx program, Jack had caught up in math. His visual processing went from the 30th percentile to the 91st percentile. His IQ went up 14 points in 20 weeks. He even earned the “Most Improved” award from his teacher.

“Academics - improved. Self-confidence - improved. Behavior - improved,” said Dawn. “But I think one of the unique things about our story is that he started on medicine, and he’s going to stay on medicine. It’s not a cure-all. It’s not like you can throw that medicine away. But with the medicine and LearningRx, we’ve seen those improvements.”

Now Jack has the patience and attention span to work harder in school but also on the things he loves, like filmmaking and creating custom Lego figures. LearningRx training offered an all-around improvement that has made a big impact on the dynamic of their family — and if you ask them, it was worth every hour and every penny.

“The investment is absolutely 100% of the time worth it,” Dawn said. “I’m a frugal person, so I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true. But when something works, you pay for what it does. And it works. It is work, but it works.”