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From Homeschool Frustrations to Teaching Aspirations

From Homeschool Frustrations to Teaching Aspirations

“As a homeschooling mom, LearningRx helped lift the pressure to succeed and made ‘normal’ feel ‘excellent’.”

For Kylie, what started as small, seemingly insignificant difficulties in third grade evolved into undeniable struggles by fifth grade. Despite the efforts of both Kylie and her mother and homeschool educator, Krista, Kylie was spending long hours on schoolwork, becoming easily distracted, and struggling to perform without taking frequent breaks. “It wasn’t for lack of trying – Kylie’s a hard worker,” Krista explained. “Her brain would just become exhausted. She would become proficient in one subject, then lose that proficiency soon after. I couldn’t deny it any longer – it was time to find her someone who could help.”

After speaking with friends and researching online, Krista learned of LearningRx and its goal to strengthen cognitive skills – not just tutor. Although skeptical at first, Kylie’s parents decided to give it a try. “Michelle at LearningRx walked us through her initial assessment and how they could help Kylie improve with realistic goals,” Krista said. “As a homeschooling mom, they helped lift the pressure to succeed and made ‘normal’ feel ‘excellent.’”

Analyzing Kylie’s assessment, LearningRx crafted a unique brain training program for Kylie to strengthen her weaker cognitive and processing skills. After pairing Kylie with a trainer who best matched her goals and personality, Krista also became a home training partner to continue the program outside of LearningRx. “It’s like going to a trainer at the gym and taking workouts home to practice,” Krista explained. “The program and Kylie’s work ethic helped her build the cognitive strength she needed, and we soon began to notice her growth.”
“In the beginning, it felt like more schoolwork and that I was missing out on having fun,” Kylie shared. “But after a while, I started to enjoy it. Plus, my handwriting improved, and I wasn’t spending as much time on schoolwork.”

Now, Kylie is able to complete her work faster, focus more and perform better academically. She even has a desire to help other young students improve their learning abilities – which she says may someday lead her to become a teacher. “The cycle of frustration has finally ended, thanks to LearningRx,” Krista beamed. “Our relationship has improved, both in and out of the ‘classroom.’ We are so proud of Kylie and can’t wait to see what doors this opens for her future.”

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