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Stronger Memory Leads to Stronger Performance at Work

Stronger Memory Leads to Stronger Performance at Work

Brain Training is Different When You Are an Adult. I Was Starting to Notice My Difficulty Remembering ... and Knew I Had to do Something.

With a busy job and many coworkers counting on her, Jennie was becoming frustrated with her difficulty remembering important details at work. But it wasn’t until her daughters approached her to voice their concern that Jennie realized she needed help. “I was starting to notice my difficulty remembering, but I felt that if my girls were noticing, I had to do something,” Jennie said. “I immediately researched brain training and found LearningRx.”

LearningRx is a one-on-one brain training center that helps clients of all ages strengthen core skills that are critical for learning and performance, including memory. For Jennie, this meant strengthening her working (short-term) memory and processing speed. “From the first conversation, the team at LearningRx was kind, warm and honest about my opportunities to improve and how they could help me do so,” Jennie shared.

At 57, Jennie admits she initially felt challenged by the assessment and awkward receiving brain training where many children train as well. However, LearningRx made her feel comfortable and reminded her development continues throughout adulthood.” “Brain training is different when you are an adult,” Jennie explained. “It takes you choosing to do it for yourself. And as an adult, real life happens, such as when my job became so busy that I had to pause my training.

LearningRx was so accommodating, and I returned with a goal to complete the training,” Jennie continued. “Even when I felt like giving up, my trainer, Grace was encouraging and held me accountable. What could have been an awkward or embarrassing situation, she made fun and enjoyable.”

Now that she has achieved her goal and completed her training, Jennie and her daughters have noticed the positive influence brain training has had on her memory. “It’s much easier for me to retain data when filling out a report and remember details from important meetings at work,” Jennie shared. “Although I still forget where I put my phone sometimes (who doesn’t!), my memory and performance are stronger thanks to LearningRx.”