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Our Team

  • Allyson Millican
    Allyson Millican Brain Trainer

    Allyson Millican is our Education Coordinator and has been at LearningRx for two years. Along with training, she also does assessments and helps out with front desk duties and keeping the center running. When she's not at work, she loves spending time with her daughters.

    Click here to learn more about Allyson.

  • Mary Wood
    Mary Wood Brain Trainer

    Mary has been a Certified Trainer for us since August of 2018 and has been such a wonderful asset to our center. Mary is always willing to go the extra mile in training and whatever we need in administrative help as well. We appreciate the level of customer service that she shows everyone. All of Mary's students and their families love her. She always exemplifies the highest of professionalism with her students and their parents.

    Learn more about Mary by watching her intro here.

  • Michelle Hecker Davis
    Michelle Hecker Davis Director

    Hello, I’m Michelle Hecker Davis, Director of the LearningRx Chattanooga Brain Training Center in East Chattanooga. I’m excited to share LearningRx brain training with the Chattanooga East area. We’re available to answer any questions you may have, so please give us a call anytime.

  • Gerri Holstine
    Gerri Holstine Director

    Gerri Holstine is our Director of Training and has been at LearningRx for over 7 years now. She has trained and graduated over 50 students. When she is not training students and trainers, she loves puzzles and playing with her grandson.

    Check out Gerri's intro here!