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Our Team

  • Michelle Hecker Davis
    Michelle Hecker Davis Owner & Director

    Michelle is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, LearningRx Certified Master Brain Trainer, and the Executive Director of LearningRx of Chattanooga. She has been involved in the dramatic improvements of more than 200 students within the Southeast region, and continues to focus her passion toward providing opportunities for struggling learners to be able to thrive. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, playing league volleyball and kickball, reading, cooking, doing puzzles, and being with her friends.

  • Gerri Holstine
    Gerri Holstine Director of Training

    Gerri is a Certified Master Trainer and the Director of Training. She has been training students at LearningRx Chattanooga since July 2010. Since that first day, she has worked to help her students make learning faster, easier, and more efficient. Gerri has graduated 66+ students from one or more of the five different programs. That is more than 5000 hours training students! As the Director of Training, Gerri has certified over 30 trainers after more than 350 hours of trainer training!

  • Allyson Millican
    Allyson Millican Cognitive Specialist and Career Educator

    Allyson is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist and career educator. The profound difference LearningRx made in her daughter’s confidence, processing speed, and organization led her to becoming a brain trainer! Allyson taught grades K-7, served as a middle school assistant principal, and was an elementary principal before joining LearningRx. In her free time, she loves being with her two daughters. Allyson’s family enjoys going to the beach, painting, baking, and playing with their five pets: a rescue dog and four rescued cats!

  • Kaitlyn Hampton
    Kaitlyn Hampton Assistant Director of First Impressions

    Kaitlyn is a Certified Cognitive Coach and a Certified Cognitive Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She spent a year in Madrid, Spain, living with a host family and attending the Universidad de Alcala de Henares. After graduating from UTC, Kaitlyn worked at the Creative Discovery Museum as a Programs Educator. She is a huge supporter of local music and art and is also a performance artist with the Chattanooga Fire Cabaret. Kaitlyn loves spending time with her dog, Albus, two cats, Shanti and Poe, and boyfriend, Max, a Professional Geologist.

  • Jeminah Wheatcroft
    Jeminah Wheatcroft Brain Trainer

    Jeminah is a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She majored in Business Administration, and has worked with various organizations for homeless women and children in our community. She is a wife and a homeschool mom to five precious kids, one girl and four boys. They have 15 chickens and love farm-like living in the city. When Jeminah is not training at LearningRx, she likes to sew, read, and have afternoon tea parties.

  • Serena Conour
    Serena Conour Brain Trainer

    Serena is a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She also works with TSP OnCare as the Radiation Safety Officer. Serena is passionate about her community, and serves as the Vice President of Programs for the Southside Chamber and as a volunteer at the Center for Mindful Living, the Chattanooga Community Kitchen, and Green Steps. She has a son, a dog, and two cats. In her free time, Serena loves to paddleboard, paint, and sing karaoke with her son.

  • Tracy Hoffman
    Tracy Hoffman Brain Trainer

    Tracy is a Certified Cognitive Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. Before coming to LearningRx, she worked as a substitute teacher, and a camp counselor. She believes the most rewarding job of her lifetime, hands down, is being a mom to her two sons. In her free time, Tracy does improv, spends time with friends and family, reads, and writes. She is excited to be brain training at LearningRx!

  • Heather Clift
    Heather Clift Brain Trainer

    Heather is a Certified Cognitive Trainer and was introduced to LearningRx when her daughter began brain training at the age of 9. She watched her daughter make significant improvements in school and complete homework much faster and easier. Heather is a mom of four and former teacher. With four active children, Heather spends a lot of time on the ball fields and basketball courts. She and her husband also love to travel - as a family and alone as a couple. Disneyworld and beach trips are their favorites!

  • Kim Charlet
    Kim Charlet Brain Trainer

    Kim is a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of New Orleans. She worked for 22 years in advertising and marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry. She has served as a reading mentor and a children’s grief facilitator. Kim and her husband have one daughter, two dogs, and one cat. She enjoys traveling with her family and friends, hiking, reading, cooking, and attending obedience training classes with her dogs.

  • Bobbie Dake
    Bobbie Dake Brain Trainer

    Bobbie is a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from Auburn University. Bobbie is an experienced homeschool parent and tutor. She and her husband have two children, one dog, and two cats. She enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with her family. Bobbie also enjoys completing various types of DIY projects and challenging her kids to games of Mario Kart, which she typically wins!

  • Dawn Hendrix
    Dawn Hendrix Brain Trainer

    Dawn is a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She holds a Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry and has worked with children and families since her high school years. She and her husband have one son. Their family loves all animals and has assorted dogs, cats, and fish. In additional to brain games, Dawn enjoys trivia, theater, music of all kinds, graphic design, and Excel spreadsheets. She keeps busy with local community theater, officiating weddings, and training brains.

  • Punam Patel
    Punam Patel Brain Trainer

    Punam is a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at LearningRx Chattanooga. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and has worked with children of all ages and abilities. Hers and her husband’s families have been entrepreneurs for generations and, together, they own several small businesses! Punam enjoys reading and family time and is new to hiking/walking. Some of her family’s favorite board games are Zingo, Qwirkle, and chess.