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  • Dargan Coggeshall
    Dargan Coggeshall Owner & Director

    I’m Dargan Coggeshall, Owner and Director of the LearningRx Charlottesville.

    I brought LearningRx to Charlottesville over ten years ago, after getting an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Virginia and spending many years in a diverse career where I served as a catalyst (and evangelist) in several pioneering companies in the field of biotechnology, online marketing, online gaming and web services. In 2010 I stood at a crossroads. I felt especially fortunate to be the father of three neurotypical children, and understood I had all the choices in my life because I had strong mental skills that allowed me to get a great education. I wanted my next endeavor to enhance the educational opportunities for kids falling through the cracks in our community, so that they, too, would be able to have choices in life. Rather than focus on the newest instructional model or curriculum design in hopes that would make a difference, I realized no one was addressing the most likely root cause of students’ struggles - weaknesses in their processing/thinking/learning/cognitive skills; something schools were addressing primarily via accommodations. This is when I discovered LearningRx in Colorado Springs. After spending two weeks with the developers of the program, I knew, one-on-one brain training was a key part of closing the learning gap, and LearningRx Charlottesville was born. Fast forward over a decade and we’ve trained over 400 students ranging in age from 5-92, benefitted from over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and numerous news stories, attained a 5.0 rating from Google Reviews and transitioned our training to a virtual platform, so we can train people all over the world (literally).

    Our LearningRx center has won multiple awards over the years. Some of these awards come from LearningRx including numerous Customer Service Awards, Trainer of the Year, Employee of the Year, Franchisee of the Year, and more. Locally, we have been consistently voted in the top three of Learning Centers/tutors by readers of various publications.

    If you or someone in your life is struggling to focus, remember, read or solve problems, then please give us a call at 434-220-7475.