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Our Team

  • Jesica
    Jesica Brain Trainer

    Hi! I’m Jesica and I am a brain trainer at LearningRx in Cedar Rapids, IA!

    Being a brain trainer is fun because I get to see my students become more and more confident in themselves. When I describe my job to friends and family I usually say that I am like a personal trainer for your brain. Just like people need to exercise their bodies, they need to exercise their brains!

    When I’m not training brains at LearningRx, I’m usually trying out new restaurants with good friends, I’m a total foodie!

  • Lidija
    Lidija Brain Trainer

    Hi! I’m Lidija and I am a brain trainer at LearningRx in Cedar Rapids, IA!

    Being a brain trainer is fun because you get to work with kids and adults from all different backgrounds. The youngest client I’ve worked with was 5 years old and the oldest client I’ve worked with was 81 years old! When I describe my job to my friends or family I first tell them that every person has some cognitive skills that are higher and some lower. My job is to improve these cognitive skills through brain training exercises. They usually assume that I only work with young kids and are surprised to hear that I have had a lot of older clients as well!

    When I’m not training brains at LearningRx, I’m usually watching movies, working out, or reading a book. I really like being outside and when the weather is warm, I love to kayak, bike, and garden. I also love to volunteer for the Science Booster Club teaching younger kids about biology, genetics, astronomy, and various science related topics.

  • Courtney Axline
    Courtney Axline Owner

    Hello! I’m Courtney Axline, the Owner and Director of the LearningRx Cedar Rapids Brain Training Center located in beautiful Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I invite you to take a few moments to look around our site, and also encourage you to visit our training center or give us a call.

  • Cassy
    Cassy Brain Trainer

    Hello! My name is Cassy, and I am a brain trainer at LearningRX in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

    I have been with LearningRX since 2019. I am currently a Psychology Major with a double minor in Sport, Health, and Exercise Psychology AND Human Resource Management at Mt. Mercy University! I am also involved in the instrumental music program and the bowling program at Mt. Mercy! When I’m not at LearningRX, I am a CCO Provider, a writing tutor and a weekend radio host at the local radio station, Z102.9!

    One of my favorite things about working as a brain trainer is that I get to interact with clients that have different personalities and getting to help them reach their goals!

  • Dante
    Dante Brain Trainer

    Heyo! My name is Dante and I am a brain trainer at LearningRx.

    Currently I am a Double Psychology and Neuroscience Major and a Minor in Creative Writing at Coe College. During my free time, I'm create my own music, draw, or workout by playing sports or going to the gym.

    The best part of my job is seeing a students reaction when they achieve a goal they set for themselves. It makes all of their hard work worth it.

  • Mallory
    Mallory Brain Trainer

    Hi! I'm Mallory and I'm a brain trainer at LearningRx! I was an in-center brain trainer for 4 years and now I am an online brain trainer! The best part of being a brain trainer is seeing students achieve goals they previously thought were impossible! I have seen students of all ages increase their cognitive skills and see the benefits of brain training in their everyday lives at work, school, and home!

    When I am not brain training I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, and cooking new recipes!

  • Taylor
    Taylor Brain Trainer

    Taylor has been with LearningRx since 2019. She has a BA in Interpersonal Communication as well as a minor in Psychology. When she is not training brains and LearningRx she enjoys gardening and hanging out with her friends. One of Taylor’s favorite things about being a brain trainer is helping clients grasp concepts and reframe how they are thinking.