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True Success: Melissa, 12 Years Old

When Melissa first came to LearningRx, her reading was extremely poor and her ability to sound out words was almost unheard of! After years of working with her, helping her with homework, and helping her to complete assignments, I knew something had to be done.

Our family time became zero due to lengthy nights of homework and studying for tests. Homework took her around three hours each night–with my assistance! We had tried a private tutor, after-school programs provided by the school, and lots of praying, but nothing seemed to work. She basically got through second through fifth grade by memorizing long enough to take tests…then the information was gone.

My husband and I decided to try LearningRx for a couple of reasons. One, we had done all we knew to do. Two, Melissa would be starting middle school, and three; it was like nothing we had ever seen. Our reaction was, “Why not?”

Thank goodness we did! Melissa’s reading has improved so much and just as importantly, she now has the skills to decode words she doesn’t know! She has the confidence that wasn’t there before. She no longer calls herself “dumb” or “stupid” but gets onto me when I want to help her along. She actually does her homework in her room—not the dinner table—then brings it to me to check. I am amazed at the improvements the program has made in her! Thanks again to LearningRx. We actually eat dinner as a family again!!

Mother of Melissa, age 12