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True Success: Logan, 14 years old

Our son, Logan, was diagnosed with ADHD early in his second grade year. He struggled in school and his confidence took a hit. We kept him on track as best we could, but not without frustration.

In February of his eighth grade year we were seeing a new level of frustration out of Logan. He was struggling in school but instead of trying to cover it up, he was sharing his frustration with us. He would study and drill and know the material, but would still fail tests. We knew we had to do something to help him or we were going to have a hard time getting him through high school. I had been hearing radio ads about LearningRx and how they specialize in working with kids who have ADHD. We knew we had to look into it.

I am so amazed at the progress he has made. His memory is greatly improved. We can give him a list of five or six things to do and he completes them without asking what he should do next. He remembers things he needs to take to school without us prompting him.

I am completely awed by his spelling. Prior to LearningRx, he couldn’t spell five- to six-letter words. He is now spelling ten- to eleven-letter words without error or hesitation. His concentration, motivation, and confidence have greatly improved also. We are no longer dreading his high school years. We really think LearningRx was the key to unlocking his learning potential. Thank you!

Parents of Logan
14 years old

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