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True Story of Success: Seth, 4th Grade

“He would go into a session grouchy and not wanting to be there, and come out on top of the world! His disposition is 100 percent better.”

I first found out my son, Seth, had learning difficulty in 1st grade. Two weeks into school, the parent/teacher conferences started. And then, to top it off, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

It was a daunting task trying to do homework. He didn’t try, had no attention span, and thought he wasn’t as smart as the other kids so he had no confidence and low self-esteem. I enrolled him in a tutoring center that ended up being a complete waste of time and money. I tried a private tutor and he just couldn’t seem to process new information or make sense of his school work.

He was on medication and we went through 5 different types because of his stomach aches, migraines and irritability. Having migraines every 10 to 14 days was the worst. Then, my sister encouraged me to try LearningRx because it had helped her friend’s child. I called and was amazed at the cognitive skills testing and what it revealed.

Seth started improving after only a few weeks of brain training. He went into a session grouchy and didn’t want to be there, but he came out on top of the world!

His disposition is 100 percent. He is confident, reads everything, and tries to understand what things mean. I feel like he’s been given the tools he needed to do his school work. He doesn’t get frustrated and give up like he used to and he’s happy and proud of himself. LearningRx has been a real blessing to us and I thank God for providing it. I would highly recommend it to anyone having difficulty learning.

Seth has been off his medication now for 3 months and he is doing very well. I have him on a natural supplement and vitamins. He has started 4th grade and I am actually happy and not worried for the first time.

— Mother of Seth