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True Story of Success: Liam, 10 Years Old

I am like many parents who have had a child who struggled in school. I saw his anguish and pain every time Monday came around. Then there were the never-ending reports that he is behind, he needs after-school tutoring, summer school, and so on. I thought, “If I can only help him more with homework, maybe this will pass; it’s just a phase, and so on.” To live in denial was simply torture, knowing the pain that my child was carrying. Then one day, walking through a park near my house, I picked up a flyer from LearningRx. It was covered with mud, but I read it. It gave me a tool to see what it was all about. I owed it to my son to find resources that could help him because I was at the end, and crying was not solving the issue.

Then I made the call. I set the appointment, and my son was tested. The truth was revealed to me that he was behind two years in every area. I could no longer hide behind denial. Something had to be done. I am a single mother of three, and I saw the challenge—not only my son’s cry for help, but the price to pay for his help. I decided that even if I expected my son to go to college, putting away for his future was useless if he did not believe he could get there. Like many parents, I struggle to make ends meet. Seeing the sticker price can be shocking, but no more shocking than my child’s tears. I decided that I was going to help my son. Working full-time and attending school full-time, I chose to find a part-time job at night and cut anything that was not necessary. I was willing to do what I had to do to meet my goal.

It took me about six months before I could walk into LearningRx to let them know that I believed in them to help my son, and they did. I cannot express loud enough how it has helped my son to be the happiest child in this world. He has been chosen for school pride, made safety patrol, gotten A’s and B’s. He makes sure that we are on time to school. His frustration now is not that he can’t do it but that he could have done better than 89% and that he could have read more books. The state test resulted in high marks, and summer school is no longer on the horizon for this wonderful child.

I can only encourage any parent not to wait. The money will never come if you do not make a goal for it to be there. The new car can wait, shopping, entertainment—they come and go without any substance of equity like your child’s future. I will never regret those sleepless nights.

Thank you, LearningRx.

Mother of Liam
10 years old