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True Story of Success: Evan, 12 Years Old

Frustration, tears, and fighting – all over homework! Every night was the same. Evan would go into his room to do homework. Thirty minutes later very little was accomplished – too quiet and too many distractions. Homework at the dining room table was not any better – too noisy and again, too many distractions. Our lives and activities were dictated by the amount of homework. Our fourth grader, Evan, still loved school but we knew that if we didn’t do something to help him with his frustration that would probably change.

One morning, after dropping the kids off at school, I stopped in at LearningRx. They listened to my frustrations and talked with me about their program. They seemed to understand what we were going through. Finally we felt there was hope!

We met with Rich and reviewed Evan’s assessment. He explained where Evan was struggling, why he was having so much frustration, and he offered us a plan. After perfectly matching Evan with his trainer, Hannah, we got started. We opted for the joint training – half with Hannah and the other half at home. We were skeptical because of how the homework had been going. The encouragement that Evan received was the perfect complement to the confidence they were building in him. He was feeling successful with each level that he passed. Here’s the unexpected advantage – he was having fun while doing the training! He loved it – never complained about it. We were supported so well by the staff for our home training. They were always asking how things were going, encouraging, and offering advice and tips to ensure all went smoothly.

Fast forward to almost two years later. Evan is now a sixth grader who still loves school! Most of his homework is completed at school or quickly after school. It doesn’t even matter what’s going on around him – quiet or noise. No more tears, frustration, or fighting over homework. Evan is able to use the skills and coping techniques he learned and has trained his brain to think a different way. Rich checks in with us periodically to see how Evan is doing and we are still invited to many of the fun events.

We are so blessed to have found LearningRx. It has truly changed our family life. Evan is able to do extra-curricular activities, hang out with friends, and our evenings and weekends are no longer dictated by the homework.

Thank you LearningRx for this lifelong training and for instilling confidence in Evan.

Evan’s Mom and Dad