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True Story of Success: Casey, 17 Years Old

My 17 year old son, Casey, was having difficulty completing his schoolwork on time and paying attention. I knew he would have a hard time in college if we didn’t get him help. As I suspected, he had very low processing speed as well as other cognitive impairments which showed up in his WJIII testing. We enrolled him in a 24 week program with the idea that he would finish the Read portion early (he was an avid reader) and then get some MathRx under his belt. This is exactly how it played out. Casey had a wonderful trainer who challenged him and kept him engaged the entire time. Despite their age difference, they became fast friends and still keep in touch. Casey enjoyed his training and fit in several sessions a week between school and work at a restaurant. He knew he needed help and it was clear that he could see that the training was working. As his program progressed, it was evident that Casey’s confidence was growing by leaps and bounds. At work, his boss noticed that he was quicker and multi-tasking with ease. We could all see that his perception and ability to remember small details was much greater and that he was no longer getting lost everywhere he drove! Casey completed his program and final testing just a few days before leaving for college. His test results showed what we all suspected – much improved cognitive ability, particularly in the area of processing speed. Casey is now in the middle of his junior year at the University of Delaware. I wish I could say it has been all smooth sailing, but as all parents know, it rarely is. He still struggles at times with some attention issues. What I can say though, without a doubt, is that Casey’s “toolbox” was greatly strengthened by completing his LearningRx program. When he falters it is because he chooses not to use his tools properly and not because he doesn’t have the ability to succeed. Casey may never love to sit in a classroom and be lectured to, but he is most certainly equipped with an intellectual curiosity and the brain skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond. We truly believe that his LearningRx training has played a big part in this.