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True Story of Success: Carol, 39 Years Old

I came to LearningRx after failing an online exam. I read and studied the necessary materials to pass the exam, but I did not pass. This was not the first exam I’ve failed and wanted to investigate why I wasn’t able to pass a test I was confident I was prepared to pass. I assumed I had text anxiety. I was partly surprised to find out I had dyslexia, but maybe not subconsciously.

I can remember being in grade school and discussing short stories that we read individually and discussed as a class. I could not find the same answers that other children could find. I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t, but just kept on. I never really shared this with anyone, but just learned to read something three to four times to get the answer. I began to think this was normal and just went on with my life. I loved math and got all A’s along with awards. I hated reading and libraries. My strength was math and I was proud of that! I’m the youngest of four and was considered the “smart one.” I graduated top 10 in my high school. I went on to college and earned a BSBA in Business Administration with a specialization in statistics. It only made sense to stay on and get a Master’s in statistics in one year. I failed one of two tests and never earned my degree. I no longer felt like the “smart one,” but the “stupid one.” Once again I read the text book three times and felt prepared. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t apply what I learned and pass. I worked several jobs and always did well at being a statistician, but I never quite felt good enough without that slip of paper.

I also struggled with speaking fluently and pronouncing words. I did well diverting and using humor to compensate for my inability to find words to finish my thoughts. I started to assume that I was just a tired mom of three boys.

Coming to LearningRx and discovering I was dyslexic hit a lot of emotions. I was confused, angry and sad all at the same time.

Without hesitation, and with my husband’s support, I began the program. It was really hard at first and I was embarrassed to be there. I was 39 years old and felt so out of place learning to read again. There were so many young kids around me and I envied them for finding out early on. After all, if only I had known earlier, what could have been different today? Would I have passed my Master’s?

Each training session was hard, but it felt so amazing to make progress. My trainer was always so encouraging and would not let me quit. It was hard, but I began to notice major changes. I can speak with confidence now, and I can find words to complete my thoughts. I can read something once and comprehend. It’s been like a rebirth of my mind.

When I took the post-test I literally began to cry during one particular part. The numbers were so vividly clear to me! I just couldn’t believe it, thinking back to when I took the pretest 6 months ago. It was like foggers were lifted off my eyes. I thought, “WOW! Everyone should know about this program.”

LearningRx has given me the tools and the rewiring to be able to speak, read, and remember things. As I continue on life’s journey, I am no longer embarrassed to have had to go through this, but proud of the courage it took me to get to a more confident place. My sincere thank you to my trainer for the belief you had in me when I didn’t have it in myself! This program has truly been life changing!