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True Story of Success: Alex, 11 Years Old

I would like to share my experience with LearningRx, the program that made a big difference in our family, since we enrolled our eleven year old son, Alex. The program length was six months, and we decided to enroll Alex in order to improve both his short-term and long-term memory, as well as comprehension and capacity to make faster decisions.

Both my wife and I noticed the difference since day one. Alex’s capacity to focus increased the same day he started LearningRx. Then we saw results at school, as his grades were better (B- became B+ and A). Alex likes basketball, and the second week we attended his regular training, I noticed he was able to focus like never before. He controlled the game vs. just participating in it like before.

We can proudly say that it didn’t just make a difference in his evolution at school, but it also changed his behavior at home. He started really listening to what we were telling him to do, and he really understood and followed our advice. Also, we noticed that the program helped him think more maturely, making an amazing and positive experience within our whole family.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone, regardless of age, since it is proven to work and made such a difference in our kid’s thinking. Alex is now learning better and faster, as well as developing higher thinking.

Thank you LearningRx! Great job!

Alex’s Dad