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True Story: Mom and Son – Kara and Alexander

My son and I signed up for LearningRx brain training six months ago with the goal of helping him in school and helping me with my reading speed and comprehension.

For three years I had tried to find something to help my son. And, since I grew up with undiagnosed learning disabilities, there was no way I was going to allow that to happen to my son.

I remember trying to read out loud in my first grade reading group and not being able to read most of the words compared to other children. I never went out for recess until fourth grade because I was always behind in my schoolwork. I think my teacher took pity on me and let me play during recess. I would stay after school every day to complete my work. When I was in high school, I spent countless hours doing homework—seven hours per night to be exact!

Most of my teachers would get angry at me because they thought I wasn’t paying attention, but in reality, I was confused and lost. I had no clue what they were talking about. I was still trying to figure out what they said five minutes before they got angry! I spent so much time working so hard at school that I never had time to form friendships in school. School left me feeling stupid, worthless and lonely. No child should ever feel that way! So I was determined to help my son any way I could.

We would both come four times a week to LearningRx. It helped my son to know that he wasn’t doing it all alone. We could share stories about what we were working on that day and I actually understood what he was talking about because I had worked on the same things. Our trainers were great! They were supportive and encouraging and they became like family. They truly cared about us and our success. All of the LearningRx employees cared for us.

As time went by, my son’s grades improved and I noticed that it didn’t take him as long to do his homework. And, he was doing more of it independently. I was also getting great feedback from his teacher. One day, his teacher actually came to LearningRx and sat in on a training session and was impressed by what she saw.

As for me, I noticed I was reading twice as fast and was remembering what I had read! Not only has LearningRx helped with our processing speed and comprehension, but also our self-confidence. Thank you LearningRx for a great experience! We’ll never forget you!

Kara and Alexander
Mother and son