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True Story: Michael, 12 Years Old

We knew that Michael processed information differently from most children practically from birth. A neuropsychological test in third grade showed what we already knew and proved to his teachers that he was not ADD as many often suggested to us. Armed with the results of six hours of testing, I went in search of programs, methods, and even counseling to help our son. Other than the counseling I found next to nothing that addressed Michael’s needs—not in the community, not in the schools.

Then a miracle occurred! I received a mailing from LearningRx. After researching the company and its founder on the Internet, I knew this was what I had been looking for. After three and a half years of searching, the answer was suddenly on my kitchen counter. I was even more convinced after attending the introductory seminar with the center director.

Michael is a child who needs to feel he’s not overbooked with too many obligations. He absolutely loves soccer but would still complain about having to put in several hours of practice time every week. Naturally, I was worried when I heard that the LearningRx partner program required six hours every week. Imagine my shock when I only heard one complaint during the entire 12 weeks! Michael actually enjoyed the time he spent training, whether at home or at the center. He really looked forward to seeing his trainer and showing her what he’d mastered.

LearningRx has been a wonderful gift to us. The positive environment, encouragement from Michael’s trainer, and fun exercises have not only increased his capacity to learn but have raised his level of self-esteem. He has greater confidence in his ability to learn, proven to him through the brain training program!

I am excited to see how and where he will apply these new found skills in seventh grade this fall. We already know that his basic math skills have improved as well as his reading and spelling abilities. Thank you for a great program!

Parent of Michael
12 Years Old