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True Stories of Success: Mikey and Maddox, 7 Years Old

Our LearningRx story actually began about seven years ago, before we even knew it existed. I believe that things happen for a reason, and the people at LearningRx were a part of the plan in our lives. There are people in this world we are destined to meet and sometimes it means facing struggles in order for those paths to cross. Thank God, Holly and I have followed this path to LearningRx. Our boys have always struggled since Pre-K. Mikey struggled with focus and Maddox was not retaining his sight words. They were both receiving early intervention in school. Eventually, the teacher emailed us and told us about LearningRx, which began our experience with them. After testing and meeting with Michelle, Holly and I were so excited to see how our boys would respond. We were mostly waiting to see how, and if, it would transfer to the classroom. The boys loved this program and their trainers from day one. We immediately noticed a difference in memorization from both of them. Maddox began doing better with his sight words and so did Mikey. Their counting has improved and so has their writing. LearningRx has been well worth the time and money. Their confidence is improved and they feel like they have accomplished something. They tell me every day when they get to ring the bell. They actually talk about their trainers at LearningRx more than their teachers at school. All of those things mean so much. The counting, ABC’s, sight words and so on are so import and training their brains and all means so much, but it’s the people that matter to me. The positive people they meet, and get to know, and remember in their life that brings light to them. What we feel is important in life is exactly what they got at LearningRx. It has been an overall improvement in our lives and we are so appreciative of Kasie, Gerri, and Michelle for being a part of the master plan in each of our lives. Their weaknesses and struggles have been built stronger and their abilities (even some we didn’t know existed) have been sharpened. We now know more about the way they learn. Our youngest son Mason is now 18 months old and we will probably do LearningRx with him whether he struggles in school or not. We are super duper proud of our little men.

Charley, Mikey and Maddox’s dad