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True Stories of Success: Hayden, 10

My son, Hayden, attends a private school that has an extremely demanding curriculum, especially in spelling and math, from first grade on. Although I knew Hayden was very intelligent, I also knew from about age five or six that there was something different about his forming of letters, short-term memory, etc… I really became aware that Hayden had a problem when he continued to reverse letters and numbers into the first grade. By second grade, the reversals weren’t as bad; but, I could tell when we studied for spelling that there was something wrong. Although I knew Hayden was so smart – and I could see he was trying – spelling was a dreadful task. So, although he had never made B’s on spelling and math, I arranged to have Hayden tested a few weeks before he entered the third grade. I wanted to address his problem areas before he entered fourth grade, which is an extremely hard, transitional grade at his school. I could see an improvement in Hayden’s spelling and math after only two weeks. Over the past few months, Hayden has continued to improve in spelling and math. By February of third grade, he was consistently making high B’s and A’s. He just took his first fourth grade spelling test and made a 96% A!! I am very pleased with LearningRx and I am so happy we chose it over tutoring.

Hayden’s Mom