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True Stories of Success: Alex, 13 Years Old

Our son Alex has struggled to read quickly and write well since the fourth grade. Homework became an increasing problem as it required hours and hours of time just to get through it. Having to read 20 pages per night in Language Arts and then write 5 paragraphs simply became unmanageable for Alex, since he read so slowly and had difficulty understanding what he was reading as a result. Alex needed our help nightly with homework. He was diagnosed with ADD in 6th grade. He also had difficulty with processing speed and his ability to remember short-term memory information. We read about LearningRx and thought it was perfect for him. We already used a tutor and that did nothing to help Alex work on his own. Alex is a very bright and successful student and we thought LearningRx could help retrain his brain so that schoolwork would be easier to get through and he could work more independently. The staff encouraged and motivated him to put forth his best effort even when he did not want to. The sessions were fun and challenging at the same time. To date, Alex’s reading speed and comprehension has improved and he can perform most of his homework without any of our help now. LearningRx gave Alex the confidence in his own ability to get the work done on his own.