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How to Build Cognitive Skills with a Brain Training Program at LearningRx

How to Build Cognitive Skills with a Brain Training Program at LearningRx

Brain training at LearningRx helps individuals grow the cognitive skills responsible for grasping, retaining, and processing information. We help you build these skills through a customized brain training program. From decades of experience, we know that every brain is different, so your program should be tailor-made to your brain. While we focus much of our attention on making sure we grow your unique set of skills, we still use a loose framework for working on these skills.  

Walkthrough each step of the process below to know what to expect from our brain training services at LearningRx.  

Step 1. Take a Cognitive Skills Assessment  

Before we can build a plan and start training, we need to see your current skills. We do this by using a comprehensive cognitive skills test. This test may be unlike other tests you may have seen before because it will not test you on knowledge but on how well you process and think through different prompts. Another person usually administers this test from the center, and they will read aloud prompts for individuals to answer. This test usually takes around an hour to complete. Once the test is finished, the parents and or individuals will meet with a LearningRx expert for the next steps. 


Step 2. Meet for a Consultation 

After completing the initial cognitive skills assessment, a LearningRx expert will meet with parents or the individual to review the evaluation results. They will detail how cognitive skills help people learn and perform in life. They will talk through each cognitive skill tested and explain how it may impact learning and function in life. Then we review the results and reveal what they think may be the cause of the learning challenge. For many LearningRx directors, this is their favorite part of the process because it unveils the "why" behind learning and life challenges. At the end of the consultation, you will leave with a proposed plan for building these skills at LearningRx. Once you decide on a program, then training can begin. 


Step 3. Begin Brain Training 

On the first day of training, students will meet with their brain trainer. They have reviewed the plan with the center director and will coach students through various exercises. One-on-one training makes our program unique. Unlike computer programs, students have someone keeping them accountable and learning firsthand about their mind.  

Most programs consist of training three times a week for around 5-6 months. LearningRx programs are built this way to build cognitive skills quickly. It is a short-term intensive approach to solving a life-long struggle. Throughout the program, the brain trainer will record improvements. It's hard to see tangible improvements during brain training at first, and so we intentionally focus on recording gains so trainers and individuals can see the progress for themselves.  


Step 4. Post Assessment 

At the end of a student’s program, they will take a post-test assessment. This test will measure the growth from the beginning of the program to the end. And the results will often be revealed at your graduation event.  


Step 5. Graduation 

After completing a LearningRx program, the center celebrates students with a graduation. Completing a LearningRx program takes commitment and dedication, and so we want to make sure to recognize all the efforts and reveal test results from before brain training and after. It's another one of our favorite moments at LearningRx because we get to talk about how much students have improved with family and friends. 


You won't find a program quite as unique and individualized as a LearningRx brain training program which is why we wanted to share our unique process. If you have questions or would like to schedule your initial cognitive skills assessment, feel free to reach out online or to the center nearest you.