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What is personal brain training like?

What is personal brain training like?

If you've never experienced personal brain training but are curious what it's like, we've got some information (and videos!) for you.

The LearningRx experience

Unlike brain apps or tutoring, one-on-one brain training pairs clients with their own personal brain training for the entire program. Each program is tailored to the client based on the results of an initial Brain Skills Assessment, which shows which cognitive skills (e.g., logic & reasoning, memory, processing speed, attention, visual and auditory processing) are strong and which need to be worked on. The length of a personal brain training program depends on the client's needs and schedule, but most sessions run 12 to 34 weeks. Each session uses fun but challenging mental exercises to target and train specific brain skills. Distractions are par for the course as they help boost attention skills, so don't assume you (or your child) will be sitting in silence! There are lots of high-fives and positive reenforcement in personal brain training to encourage clients through various tasks and milestones.

To get an idea of what the experience is like, watch our sample "Train Your Brain Tuesday" videos with our CEO, Kim Hanson:

For an animated visual on LearningRx personal brain training, check out this video:

To see samples of our procedures, visit our "Unlock the Einstein Inside" website:

LearningRx programs

  • ThinkRx® is our core program. Offered over a minimum of 12 weeks, this program works on all the core cognitive skills. Every client who is over seven years of age and in a full program trains with ThinkRx.
  • ReadRx® incorporates ThinkRx® with ReadRx. A powerful reading intervention, ReadRx trains the cognitive skills of auditory processing (the skill that allows the brain to analyze, blend, and segment sounds) as well as other skills that are critical to reading success.
  • ComprehendRx® takes reading intervention to a new level, focusing on the cognitive skills that are critical for reading comprehension. This program works on many cognitive skills, including visual processing, reasoning skills, sequential processing (the ability to understand and integrate information in order), working memory, and metacognitive strategies (the development of self-awareness and the ability to self-assess).
  • MathRx® trains the cognitive skills needed to efficiently and effectively develop numerical fluency, learn math concepts, solve problems, and perform calculations.
  • Einstein® includes ThinkRx®, ReadRx®, and MathRx®.
  • LiftOff® is available to preschoolers through first graders and works on the foundational cognitive skills and early reading skills so important for early learners. These include auditory processing (the skill that allows the brain to analyze, blend, and segment sounds), attention, memory, processing speed, visual processing, and reasoning.
  • StudyRx® helps clients develop stronger study skills. The program teaches clients 14 test-taking tips, 12 top learning strategies, as well as eight core study skills based on fictionalized stories of historical figures and the habits, skills, and perspectives that contributed to their success.
  • Brain Booster programs are offered in two formats. The first is for adults who do not have a need for a full program, and instead are interested in doing mental exercises with a trainer at their own convenience. The Brain Booster program for adults is offered in 12, 18, or 24-session segments. Brain Booster is also offered to clients who have completed one of our other full programs and are interested in additional one-on-one training.
  • BrainSkills® is a digital brain training program that can be used to supplement the one-on-one training that is the cornerstone of all our programs, or as a maintenance program for those who have completed one of our full one-on-one programs.

LearningRx will determine which program is right for each client. Potential clients cannot choose their own programs.

Key Ingredients of Effective Brain Training

In order to reap the rewards of cognitive enhancement, there are several ingredients that are required.

For optimal results, brain training:

  • Must be regularly practiced
  • Should be done in a one-on-one setting
  • Needs to be intense
  • Needs to be focused and targeted
  • Need to be done in a particular sequence
  • Requires immediate and accurate feedback

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