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A Valuable Resource for National Online Learning Day

A Valuable Resource for National Online Learning Day

September 15 is National Online Learning Day and for parents who are concerned about their student's learning struggles will be happy to know that there's a e-learning resource available from the comfort of your home.

For individuals and families that don’t live or work near a LearningRx Center, we also offer online brain training options. Our one-on-one e-learning programs are designed to help children and adults of all ages learn and perform better, faster, and easier.

One-on-one brain training identifies then strengthens the weak cognitive skills that cause our clients to struggle at work, at home, or in the classroom. It’s why so many graduates call the measurable improvements they enjoy after brain training “life-changing.”

In addition to our scientifically supported brain training approach, we also integrate elements of tutoring to help children catch-up on school subject matter that they may have fallen behind on.

Online brain training and tutoring has helped people feeling challenged by:

How virtual brain training works:

Starting an online brain training and tutoring program is a quick and easy process.

We begin by having every new client complete a one-hour Brain Skills Assessment that allows us to identify and target the weak cognitive skills that are causing day-to-day struggles. If you don’t live or work near a LearningRx brain training Center, you can complete the Assessment online. If you are near a Center, we’ll help you schedule your Assessment in-person.

After the Assessment, clients receive a private consultation with a LearningRx cognitive skills expert who explains the results of the Assessment and discusses program options designed specifically for the client’s needs. If you’re near a Center, we’ll help you schedule your consultation at the Center.

Finally, we'll get you started with the right program that is designed to target and strengthen your, or your child’s, unique weaknesses and struggles.

Research and case studies show that one-on-one brain training has helped clients of all ages experience life-changing gains in learning, focusing, reading, short- and long-term memory, processing speed, and other skills.