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3 Tips for finding the right after-school activity for your student

3 Tips for finding the right after-school activity for your student

Choosing an after-school activity for your child or teen can feel overwhelming. And while logistical factors—such as budget, availability, and transportation—will certainly need to come into play, it's vital that you first assess your child's interests, strengths and weakness, and hopes. Here are some considerations to help you find the right after-school activity for your student.

1. What are your child's hopes—for the activity?

Do they want to make friends? Compete for trophies? Be part of a team? Learn a musical instrument? Enjoy free play outside? Create art?

2. What are your child's strengths and weaknesses?

Are they shy or extroverted? Do they easily engage with peers or need a nudge? Are they high-energy or more likely to sit in a corner and read? Don't rule out an activity that may gently push them out of their comfort zone, but it's also imperative that you not force them into something that immediately causes anxiety.

3. What are they interested in?

Chances are, your child has already demonstrated a strong interest in something. Maybe they love to play outdoors and study nature. Or perhaps they spend all their free time drawing or reading. Whatever "hint" you've gleaned from how they typically spend their time may give you a direction for picking an activity.

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