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The Science Behind 1-on-1 Brain Training

The Science Behind 1-on-1 Brain Training

LearningRx and its programs encompass a long development process of trial and error dating back to 1968. Even significant successes weren’t enough for LearningRx founder Dr. Ken Gibson. His formula for developing the best cognitive skills training program was always the same: Trials + Results = More Research + More Development.

It took 35 years of repeating this formula with four contiguous experimental programs that Dr. Gibson finally got the fast and unprecedented gains he was after in a one-on-one brain training company. Here is a timeline of some of the most significant research, studies (some with and some without control groups), and developments related to his work in cognitive skills training.

In 2014, Dr. Gibson established the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research to build an empirical research base that supports the cognitive training procedures and assessments used by PACE (a program that builds cognitive skills necessary for academic success) providers and LearningRx/BrainRx brain training centers around the world, and to continue the development and testing of cognitive training program components.

In 2018, the team at Gibson Institute converted the organization to a nonprofit corporation in order to expand the mission beyond the support of LearningRx methodology to conduct additional research that would inform cognitive intervention practices across disciplines and to research neuropsychological, genetic, and lifestyle factors that are associated with cognition and learning across the lifespan. The institute became a 501c3 charity in 2021.

The changes in cognitive skills after completing LearningRx have been published in numerous research studies, including Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) and other controlled studies as well as in observational studies with thousands of pre and post standardized assessments. All LearningRx research results can be found at and our client results are detailed in the Research Results and Client Outcomes book.