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How to Discover the Learner Beneath the Labels

How to Discover the Learner Beneath the Labels

Students with a learning struggle are often given labels that affect their confidence and can leave parents feeling guilty or ashamed that they haven't done enough to address the problem. Words and phrases like "dyslexic" and "ADHD" can pigeonhole kids and teens (and adults!) into categories that make them feel broken or less than. But it doesn't have to be that way! In fact, the two most important thing parents need to understand are that:

1. Labels don't necessarily reflect the child's intelligence, effort, personality or other strengths and positive attributes.

2. Labels don't have to be permanent.

What parents need to know

There are two factors that contribute to successful learning:

  • Strong educational content
  • Strong cognitive skills to process that content

The brain uses a foundational set of cognitive skills to think, learn, and perform mental tasks in school, on the job, and in life. These skills include attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and reasoning, and overall processing speed. And because all these skills work together, even one weak skill can hinder thinking, learning, and performance.

How LearningRx breaks through labels

LearningRx strengthens weak cognitive skills through a series of challenging but enjoyable mental workouts consisting of game-like exercises. Clients of all ages work one-on-one with personal brain trainers for about an hour a day, with programs typically running between 12 and 32 weeks. The result? Dramatic improvements in cognitive performance.

Your next step

If you think cognitive skills enhancement and brain training can help make your or a loved one’s life a bit easier, we invite you to schedule your Brain Skills Assessment. It is reasonably priced, takes about an hour of your time, and will give us vast insight into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Our trainers will also be able to give you an idea of the best path for you and inform you about the next step. Find out if cognitive skills training is right for you or your loved one.