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Halloween-themed crafts to do with little ones

Halloween-themed crafts to do with little ones

October 26 is National Pumpkin Day and we've gathered some of our favorite pumpkin-themed crafts for parents to do with their little ones.

1. Make paper plate pumpkins.

Let kids decorate two paper plates like pumpkin faces. Then align the plates (with paint/decorations facing out) and punch holes around the sides. Last the plates together using yarn or pipe cleaners, add a stem. Punch a hole at the top to run a string through for hanging!

2. Decorate sugar cookie pumpkins.

Bake oversize sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins and let kids decorate with frosting and candies.

3. Make yard decor.

Depending on the age (an appropriate spook level!) of your kids, you can make pumpkin, bat, or ghost decorations to hang from trees, place in bushes, or fasten into the ground. Even something as simple as sheet pieces with pipe cleaners (to create the pose) works when you're crafting a ghost!

4. Go on a treasure hunt.

Find smooth, round rocks that you can paint to look like pumpkins (then glue on felt eyes, nose and a smile).

5. Make pumpkin treat gifts.

Wrap round candies in orange tissue paper. Wrap the top and twist the end before securing with masking tape. Color the masking tape at the top green to look like a stem!