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ESL Teacher's Success With LearningRx Brain Training

ESL Teacher's Success With LearningRx Brain Training

When ESL teacher Elizabeth Benedict enrolled in LearningRx 1-on-1 brain training at the Tysons, Virginia center, she had trouble with reading, writing, speaking, and listening. She worried that her job was at risk as she struggled in both personal and professional relationships. 

She was exhausted each night, had no confidence, and was regularly choosing not to participate in conversations with friends and colleagues, for fear of missing information and frustrating someone. 

After going through LearningRx personal brain training, Elizabeth experienced life-changing results! She began reading fiction and nonfiction books, received accolades for job performance, and became confident in the classroom and in her relationships. 

LearningRx Tysons Center Director, Maureen Loftus had this to say about Elizabeth’s improvements: “By the end of her training, Elizabeth was reading long books for the first time and feeling on top of the world. Her most recent teaching observation yielded high marks and countless compliments. Elizabeth was finally enjoying teaching and feeling a connection with her students.  Her confidence soared such that she views herself equal to her colleagues and can truly collaborate for the first time.  Finally, Elizabeth no longer feared she would be fired; she no longer feared teaching, her students or colleagues.  Elizabeth no longer feared life. Elizabeth felt smart!

And the improvements keep coming.  When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, she jumped into distance learning seeking out the resources to be successful. And she has LOVED distance teaching. She has been so successful at engaging her students online that she is one of a handful of teachers asked to work with children over the summer who need extra help. Her newly uncovered love for teaching hasn’t stopped at school.  Elizabeth has also taken on being a Youth Minister at her church working with 8th graders. Finally, Elizabeth is fully embracing and relishing all the joy that life has to offer.”

Watch Elizabeth's video HERE.