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LearningRx Success Story: Gavin finds learning so much easier!

LearningRx Success Story: Gavin finds learning so much easier!

When Gavin enrolled at his local LearningRx personal brain training center in Wisconsin, he was really struggling with homeschooling. Although his family had tried a number of things, Gavin still wan't able to read at the same level as his peers. It was impacting not only his school work, but also his social interactions and even his free time!

“[I struggled with] reading, writing and spelling,” says Gavin. “Even reading signs on trips or directions on my favorite game, Minecraft, was hard.”

“We actually checked out a lot of different places,” says Gavin’s mom. “We homeschooled … but our kids still had some struggles. All the other places were just about drilling information into you. I needed them to learn more than just what they needed to know for that second. I liked that LearningRx works with your brain and how it functions.”

Once he started LearningRx personal brain training, Gavin saw significant changes.

“I can now read things on my own,” says Gavin. “It definitely did affect my life a lot. It definitely made my life a lot better. Now I can get stuff done better, faster and more visually.”

“I want to keep on learning,” says Gavin. “LearningRx is different than home, but it feels like home [here] because the people made it very fun. I felt like I was with a family member and having a lot of fun.”

Watch Gavin and his mom talking about his experience with LearningRx personal brain training: