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10 Ideas to Keep Busy Families Organized

10 Ideas to Keep Busy Families Organized

Running a household is hard work. But when you factor in jobs, helping with homework, chores, pets, errands, paying bills, and sports practices and games, it's easy for families (read: MOM) to feel overwhelmed. 

The following ideas can help you stay organized and on top of your juggling act:

1. Store your cleaning supplies in a container with a handle to easily transport it from room to room.

2. Stockpile school supplies when they're on sale and designate a space for homework where you keep all the items within reach.

3. Keep gift cards on hand. They work well for last-minute teacher gifts or birthday gifts when you don't have time to run to the store.

4. Mail all your birthday cards for the month at once. You can fill them out, address them and put stamps on them in one sitting to ensure no one gets forgotten.

5. Toss out (or shred) mail as soon as you bring it into the house. This will reduce the pile of unopened mail eyeing you from the corner.

6. Keep a calendar of family appointments and activities where everyone can glance at it.

7. Get up before the rest of the family. Even 20 minutes of peace and quiet to start your day can help you stay focused and calm.

9. Meal prep for the week. It will cut down on trips to the grocery store and help ensure you have meals ready for even the most stressful nights.

10. Prepare for your day the night before. Take your shower at night, put out tomorrow's outfit, pack backpacks and review your list for the next day so you can go to sleep knowing you'll be prepared.