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Personal Brain Training—from your home!

Personal Brain Training—from your home!

During the pandemic, LearningRx had to adapt on the fly. We quickly launched live, 1-on-1 brain training for students who couldn't attend in-person training at our centers.

Just like our in-person brain training, these 1-on-1 e-learning programs are designed to target and strengthen your student's unique cognitive weaknesses and learning struggles. And all programs start with a Brain Skills Assessment, which allows us to identify and target the weak cognitive skills that are causing day-to-day struggles.

In addition to our scientifically supported brain training approach, we also integrate elements of tutoring to help children catch up on school subject matter that they may have fallen behind on. 

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're interested in in-person 1-on-1 brain training, live 1-on-1 brain training from home, or a mix of personal brain training and tutoring, LearningRx has you covered!

Start your student's journey to faster, easier learning by visiting today!