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FREE (or nearly free) Fun Things to Do During Screen-Free Week

FREE (or nearly free) Fun Things to Do During Screen-Free Week

May 3-9, 2021 is National Screen-Free Week (, an annual celebration of "unplugging, reconnection, and joy."  While the website offers some great resources for download, including an annual book list, screen-free BINGO, and 101 Screen-Free Activities, LearningRx ( has a few of its own:

1. Make a time capsule. Include photos, a newspaper or magazine, a handwritten letter talking about what life is like today, a movie ticket stub, a few inexpensive toys or pieces of memorabilia, and some coins or a dollar bill.

2. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of items they might find in your yard: a red leaf, a dandelion, a stick shaped like the letter Y, a pink rock, a four-leaf clover, etc. You can set a time limit (since not everyone will find a four-leaf clover!) and give everyone a small paper bag to carry their list and hold everything they find.

3. Host your ow carnival. Stack tin cans in a pyramid and let everyone try to knock them down with a rice-filled sock. Try to get a Frisbee in a hamper or hit ping pong balls off the tops of bottles with a Nerf gun.

4. Tour a fire station. Many fire stations hold open house for the community, but some also let you schedule private tours! Kids usually get to touch the equipment, see where the fireman eat and sleep, climb on the fire trucks and slide down the pole!

5. Play an active game to keep everyone moving. Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, Freeze Tag or even Charades on a rainy day will keep everyone off the couch.

6. Set up a backyard campsite. A tent, s’mores and a (code compliant) campfire—it’s just like the real thing with the convenience of indoor plumbing!

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