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March 3 is World Dyscalculia Day

March 3 is World Dyscalculia Day

Have you ever heard someone say, "I guess I'm just destined to be bad at math"? The truth is, dyscalculia (which is just a fancy word for "trouble with numbers") doesn't have to be a lifelong label for anyone. 

When clients come to LearningRx, the first thing we do is have them take a Brain Skills Assessment. The results tell us which cognitive skills are weak. (And we know that 85% of learning struggles are caused by weak cognitive skills.)

With people who struggle with math, it's common to find that comprehension, reasoning, attention, and memory are weak. Using a customized 1-on-1 brain training program, those weak skills can be are targeted and trained to make learning easier and faster ... in ANY subject ... including math!

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