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April is Autism Acceptance Month!

April is Autism Acceptance Month!

April is Autism Acceptance Month (previously referred to as “Autism Awareness Month”), and LearningRx is explaining the potential benefits of its program for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

            “Cognitive skills, also known as ‘brain skills,’ are the fundamental tools we need to learn, read, remember, and pay attention,” explains Dr. Amy Moore, a cognitive psychologist with LearningRx. “They include attention, auditory processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed, visual processing, and working and long-term memory. Although, in some cases, a single weak cognitive skill can cause learning struggles, for people on the autism spectrum, it’s common to see a cluster of weak cognitive skills.”

            According to Dr. Moore, when a client comes to LearningRx with an autism spectrum diagnosis, the team uses a Brain Skills Assessment to identify which brain skills are weak. Once those skills are identified, they can be targeted with intensive personal brain training. Unlike digital brain games, one-on-one brain training uses customized exercises and incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to work on cognitive skills.

            Among 1,049 clients who came to LearningRx with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, the average gain in cognitive skills was 3.2 years. The largest gain was 4.5 years in auditory processing. The mean age of the children, who were between 4 and 17, was 10.7. LearningRx clients also saw improvements in sustained attention, working memory, processing speed, logic & reasoning, visual processing and long-term memory. In addition to clinical data, LearningRx has gathered anecdotal evidence from parents of children with ASD who explain how personal brain training created improvements in their family members’ lives.

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